Casa and Grade School

        The Montessori system of education is both a philosophy of child development and a rationale for guiding such growth. It is based on the child’s developmental needs for freedom within limits, as well as, a careful prepared environment which guarantees exposure to materials and experiences. Through this, the child develops intelligence as well as physical and psychological abilities.

What Makes Montessori Education Unique

  1. The “whole child” approach
  2. The “prepared environment”
  3. The Montessori materials
  4. The Teacher

Admission Policies

Requirements for:

  1. Kindergarten-must be five (5) years old and answer well in the interview.
  2. Grade 1 – must be six (6) years old and can answer well in the interview
  3. Kinder and Grade 1 – Xerox copy of birth certificate
  4. Grade II-VI
    1. Form 138 or report card

Requirements for Transferees

  1. Form 138
  2. Certificate of Good moral character.
  3. Xerox copy of birth Certificate
  4. Must have passed the Interview.


Policy on Uniform

For Boys:

        Polo Shirt

  1. Must be of tetoron material.
  2. Must be of polo-jacket cut.
  3. Must have the school’s logo/patch sewn on the left pocket.
  4. Must be properly buttoned.


  1. May be white t-shirt or a sando (plain without design or in script of any kind).
  2. Must be properly tucked in.
  3. Must not be oversized.


  1. Must be navy blue.
  2. Must not be oversized (low waist, bell bottom; too long; folded)
  3. Must not have patches sewn on it. (ex. Guess and logos of popular brand).


  1. Must always be worn with the uniform. ID’s are not transferable.
  2. Must be free from stickers other than those provided by the school.
  3. Must be free from markings.
  4. Must not be worn out.


  1. Must be of leather material (black).
  2. Must be of leather or rubberized sole.
  3. Rubber shoes maybe worn only during PE classes


  1. Every GNC pupil must have a sport clean-cut hairstyle. Its length not exceed the height  of the collar.
  2. You must refrain from sporting faddish haircut which is not appropriate for school.

Other Prohibitions

  1. Pierced ears
  2. Wearing earrings
  3. Tattoos
  4. Smoking
  5. Dyed hair
  6. Caps, handkerchief, bandanas worn on head

For Girls:


  1. Must be of tetoron material.
  2. Must have marine collar.
  3. Must always wear with the butterfly ribbon and the ID.    


  1. Checkered Jumper (cream, blue, red, green and yellow)
  2. Must have all around pleats.
  3. Must be below the knee but at least five (5) inches above the ankle.
  4. Must be of any of the following materials:
    1. Robinaire
    2. Twill
    3. Clothman


  1. Must be white.
  2. Must not be of laced material.
  3. Must not have colored logos of popular brands.


  1. Must be of leather material.
  2. Must be black in color.
  3. Must be of leather or rubberized sole.
  4. Must not have heels higher than half an inch.
  5. Boots are not allowed.
  6. Rubber shoes maybe worn only during PE classes.


  1.  Must always be worn with the uniform. ID’s are not transferable.
  2.  Must be free from stickers other than those provided by the school.
  3.  Must be free from markings.
  4.  Must not be worn out.

Other Prohibitions

  1. Wearing of make-up, lipstick, eyeshadow, blush on, mascara, lip gloss, eye liner and the like.
  2. Wearing of more than one pair of earrings.
  3. Tattoos.
  4. Dyed hair.
  5. Excessive jewelry.

Tuition and Other Fees and Payment

The tuition and other  fee charges consider the  needed balance the requirements for commensurate pay for  good faculty and non-teaching staff maintenance, improvement of facilities and the capacity of parents to pay for quality education services. The GNC follows the guidelines of DECS or tuition and other fees.

All fees are computed on school term basis and are payable in future upon registration with 5% discount.

The total may be paid on an easy month to month basis. Every second Tuesday o the month, students is to present their class permits which show that they are up to date with their payment of fees. No student will be allowed to enter the classroom without the class permit. S/He shall be administratively marked absent without it; s/he shall be administratively dropped after absences of 20% of the required attendance. A student administrative dropped from the rolls may be readmitted on probation on discipline.

Only the Office of the Treasurer collects all authorized expenses fees of students. No unauthorized expenses or fees shall be paid by any student nor collected by any teacher or employee of the school.

Students may be allowed thirty (30) days back account provided s/he and his/her parents execute a promissory note and guaranteed by a teacher or employee of the GNC.

Discount Privileges

Discount on tuition fees may only be given under the following conditions 5% discount of tuition fees is allowed if the total fees  is paid in full upon registration 5% discount is given to each, second, third, fourth etc. brothers or sisters.


Registration fee will be charged and full refund on tuition fees paid is made to students who officially withdraw before the scheduled opening date of an academic year. Thereafter, percentage refunds are made on official withdrawal within allowable refund period.

Non-Payment of Account

The Administration reserves the right to suspend or drop from the rolls any student who has not paid in full his financial obligations on or before the scheduled date of the month. It also reserves the right to withhold from a student the issuance of transcript of records, honorable dismissal certification or other records unless the student has fully settled his financial or property obligation with the school.

The Student Officers

Each class in the Elementary Department will have the following selective officer – President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Auditors. These officers will be under supervision of their Section Adviser.

                1.    The PRESIDENT shall have the power and duty to:

1.1   Represent the class before the School Administration

1.2   Preside over the meetings and activities of the class.

1.3   Take charge in maintaining classroom discipline and so with the maintenance of cleanliness in the classroom.

1.4   Help the section adviser in maintaining order and discipline during line formation and masses

1.5   Accompany to the Principal/Assistant Principal/Guidance Counselor any students sent out of the classroom by the teacher.

2.      The VICE PRESIDENT shall:

2.1   Take the place of the President during his absence or incapacity

2.2   Check and report to the Adviser and the Assistant Principal tall student without complete uniform.

2.3   Help in maintaining silence, order and discipline

2.4   Assist the Adviser in checking the Student’s Diary

2.5   Keep a record of the names of students whose diaries were not properly accomplished /signed by parents.

3.       The Secretary Shall:

3.1   Take the minutes of the meeting of the class.

3.2   Keep record of the student-offenders. A list of such should be submitted to the section Adviser every Friday.

3.3   Take charge of informing the office of the Principal/Assistant principal in cases when a teacher is either absent or late so a substitute may be assigned to the class.

3.4   Distribute to the members of the of the class al communications intended for the parents.

4.      The Treasurer shall:

4.1   Take charge of collecting from the members of the class the agreed amount for the class fund. Such collection shall be deposited in bank with the President and Treasurer as signatories.

4.2    Render a monthly report of the financial status of the class. A written Financial Statements shall be prepared in triplicate-one for posting, one for submission to the office and one for record purpose.

4.3   Report immediately to the Principal any loss or damage inside the classroom

4.4   Prepare and submit before the end of the school year an audited financial

4.5   Report to the Principal/Assistant Principal all collection being done without the written permission of the principal.

5.      The Auditor shall:

5.1   Conduct a monthly auditing of the financial statement of the class.

5.2   Report immediately to the Principal/Assistant Principal any irregularity discovered

6.      The Sergeant-at-arms shall:

6.1   Assist the President in maintaining order in the classroom especially when no teacher is around

6.2   Report immediately to the Principal/Assistant Principal any irregularity discovered.

Rules Governing Student Organization/Activities

  1. A teacher-adviser is appointed by the Principal for each organization
  2. All organization meetings should be held after class hours upon the permission of the Principal.
  3. All activities of the organization must be endorsed / recommended by the club adviser and approved by the Principal/Assistant Principal.
  4. A proposed program of activities for a school year must be prepared as early as March of the preceding school year and submitted to the office of the Assistant Principal on the first Week of May.
  5. A year financial statement attested by the Club President. Treasurer, Auditor and Adviser must be submitted to the Office of the Principal before the end of the school year.

Practices inside the campus during weekends may be arranged with the offices of the Principal after permission from the Parents of students concerned is secured. Permission may be granted provided the teacher-adviser concerned will accompany the students during the duration of the practices. Practices outside GNC are discouraged for they entail risk on the safety of students.

Academic Rank

This is conferred to ten students who topped the Academic for the First to the Third Grading Period.

Conduct and Discipline

·         Each GNC student practices good manners and right conduct. This is a major thrust of the school’s values education program.

·         All students shall pin and display their identification cards before entering and while inside the campus.

·         Uniform is worn in all school functions. Girls wear checkered jumper with G.N.C. Montessori patch at he left strap and white blouse with marine collar. Boys wear polo shirt with G.N.C. patch on the pocket and navy blue shorts for primary and navy blue pants for intermediate students. Black shoes are worn with white socks and I.D. is pinned on the shirt of blouse. Students who are not in the proper attire are not allowed to enter the campus.

·         The school requires regular and punctual attendance in all classes. No student is entitled to credit a subject in which he is enrolled unless he attends his classes regularly. Absence for any cause whatsoever does not exempt s student from quizzes, examinations, written work and or other matters required during the period of this absence. The responsibility for making up for such work rests wholly upon the students. Extended absence due to sickness must be certified by a physician. The student who has incurred absences more than 20% of the required total number of class and laboratory periods in a given term shall b e dropped. However, the President may, in his discretion. Allow students to continue attending classes proved he belongs to the upper half of the class but he shall be on probation belongs to the upper half of the class but he shall be on probation status. A student who falls absent is to present to the teacher an excuse slip which is secured from the Office of the Elem. Principal. A letter request for excuse after seven (7) days of absence is referred to the Assistant Principal. After an absence of eight (8) days whether consecutive or not the student has to see the Principal before he is given an excuse slip.

·         Textbooks are valuable tools for attaining quality education. Each student to prove himself with the prescribed textbook for each subject, borrowed, rented or purchased. As a good study habit, students are expected to devote 3 hours daily for study and homework preparation.

·         Flag ceremony formation is held on Monday morning for elementary students. This is to pay homage to the Philippine Republic. Prayers and passages from the Bible are also said and read during the ceremony. The gathering is also an occasion to disseminate important administrative information and guidance.

·         Students are required to eat only at designated eating palace and clean up the place after eating. Waste receptacles are distributed for proper disposal; of waste. Students are to keep their rooms and the campus neat and clean. For this purpose the First Friday of the Month is “Do Day”. Students in the High School and Elementary clean the classrooms on this day.

·         Students shall not stay in corridors during class hours, singly or in groups. They can stay in the library of designated place provided for them during vacant periods.

·         High School students are not allowed to smoke any where in the campus.

·         Smoking is not allowed in the classrooms, library, corridors and Administrative offices. Smoking is discouraged because it is harmful to the health and violates the human right of non-smokers.

Disciplinary Sanctions

IT shall be understood that students come to the GNC to study and they shall conscientiously abide by all existing regulations of the school as well as those that may be promulgated from time to time. Rules and regulations are intended to establish campus peace, order, and discipline conductive to learning and to the development of self and collective discipline, all essential in training for good citizenship and membership decent society.

The principal has direct jurisdiction to all matters pertaining external discipline that is outside the classroom. He investigates all reported cases, as certain the facts and imposes the proper sanction for minor infractions of the rules. A student, who is sent out of the class for misbehavior or disciplinary measures, should report immediately to the Guidance Counselor who is in-charge for investigation and discipline.

Due process shall be exercise by Assistant Principal. In serious cases when the student misbehavior may call for final warning suspension, dismissal or expulsion a disciplinary committee shall be crated to hear his case within the due process procedure.

The Disciplinary Committee shall be composed of the adviser of the class, the Assistant Principal and the Principal.

The duties of the Disciplinary Committee are to apply due process in the measure or actions to be taken. Actions are subject to review by the President and shall be final and executor upon his approval. When a decision has been made, the parents will be informed for coordination.

The following are considered very serious cases, which can be a due course for immediate suspension, dismissal, dropping or expulsion.

  1. Bringing or carrying within the campus firearms or any lethal weapons;
  2. Bringing onto and/or consumption within the campus of intoxicating liquor or drunken behavior, carrying or using prohibited drugs.
  3. Defacing or mutilating school property, vandalism, deliberate destruction or marring of any school properly;
  4. Stealing either from the school or from a fellow student.
  5. Any form of cheating or dishonesty
  6. Gross and deliberate discourtesy towards school authorities
  7. Assaulting a teacher or any other school authority or his agent or student
  8. Misappropriation of money or property belonging to a student or student organization
  9. Refusal to submit to investigation.
  10. Instigating, leading or participating in concerted activities leading to a stoppage of classes.
  11. Preventing of threatening student of faculty members or school authorities from discharging their duties or from attending classes or from attending classes of entering the school premises.
  12. Hooliganism –lawless disorderly conduct typical of persons who override legal and human rights of other people;
  13. Gambling
  14. Forging or tampering school records, excuse slips
  15. Forging or tampering school records, excuse slips, student handbooks, or transfer forms, or securing or using such forged transfer credentials;
  16. Any form of public immorality
  17. Frequent and continuous disregard of the disciplinary code of the school  as found in the Student’s Diary;
  18. Possessing or bringing into campus pornographic materials
  19. Other similar infraction which the school authorities consider serious.
  20. Other foregoing acts are not exclusive. Acts not governed by herein rules on discipline shall be governed by existing orders and memoranda of the DECS, the Education Act of 1982 and the manual information for private school.

The Guagua National Colleges reserves the right to impose appropriate disciplinary actions against any student who is found after due investigation to have seriously violated the rules and regulations of the school.

  1. Suspension is a punishment for serious violation of the rules. A student on suspension will be required to stay required to stay home under the supervision of the parent or guardian during the period of his suspension. He is required to study for the classes he misses. The length of a student’s suspension varies according to the gravity of the offense and the decision of the Disciplinary Committee.
  2. Dismissal/Dropping is the most serious of all penalties. A student who has been dismissed from the GNC is never readmitted to GNC.
  3. Expulsion in an extreme from of administrative sanction which debars the student from all public and private schools. It requires the approval of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports.
  4. Although the school cannot be held responsible for the conduct of its students outside the school premises, bad conduct outside the campus can be a cause for dismissal.
  5. Students whose parents do not reside in Guagua, Pampanga should have a guardian who is duly authorized by the parents to assume their responsibility towards their son/daughter.
  6. Administrative Disciplinary Sanction for minor offenses may include the following:
  • First Offense – Verbal Warning
  • Second Offense – Written Warning
  • Third Offense – One (1) week suspension
  • Fourth Offense – One (1) month suspension
  • Fifth Offense – Dismissal

Minor academic, conduct and behavior deficiencies are written on the Student’s Diary for notation of the parents.


Grading System

CASA ( Junior Casa to Advanced Casa)


  • Quizzes 15%
  • Drills 10%
  • Oral Participation 15%
  • Writing 10%
  • Monthly Test 20%
  • Quarterly Exams 30%       

Total                                  100%                    


  • Quizzes 20%
  • Drills 10%
  • Oral Participation 20%
  • Monthly Test 20%
  • Quarterly Exams 30%

Total                                  100%

Cultural Arts

  • Quizzes 20%
  • Drills 10%
  • Oral Participation 20%
  • Monthly Test 20%
  • Quarterly Exams 30%

Total                                  100%


  • Quizzes 20%
  • Drills 10%
  • Oral Participation 20%
  • Monthly Test 20%
  • Quarterly Exams 30%

Total                                  100%


Grade School Montessori                                                         


  • Drills 10%                                                       
  • Quizzes 15 %                                                      
  • Monthly Test 20%                                                       
  • Project 15%
  • Quarterly Exam 30%
  • Oral Participation 10%

      TOTAL                          100%


  • Drills 5%
  • Oral Participation 10%
  • Quizzes 15%
  • Monthly Test 25%
  • Project 15%
  • Quarterly Exam 30%

TOTAL                     100%


  • Activities/Drills 15%
  • Quizzes 15%
  • Monthly Exam 15%
  • O.P. 25%
  • Quarterly exam 30%

TOTAL                     100%

 Civics and Culture

  • Quizzes15%
  • Oral Participation 20%
  • Monthly Test 15%
  • Drills 10%
  • Project 10%
  • Quarterly Exam 30%

TOTAL                    100%

Christian Living

  • Oral Participation 15%
  • Quizzes 15%
  • Monthly Test 15%
  • Conduct 25%
  • Quarterly Exam 30%

TOTAL                    100% 

Cultural Arts

  • Quarterly Exam 30%
  • Oral Participation 10%
  • Quizzes 15%
  • Monthly Test 20%
  • Drills 10 %
  • Project 15%

      TOTAL        100%


  • Quarterly Exam 30%
  • Oral Participation 15%
  • Quizzes 15%
  • Monthly Test 15%
  • Drills 10 %
  • Project 15%

      TOTAL        100%


  • Quizzes  20%
  • Oral Participation 20%
  • Monthly Test  20 %
  • Quarterly Exam 30%
  • Drills 10%

      TOTAL     100%

Ban on Fraternities and Sororities

Fraternities, sororities, in any form are banned in the GNC, at all levels-Elementary, High School and College. Any student who joins banned fraternities, sororities and societies or any unauthorized organization whether operating on or off campus shall be subject to dismissal or expulsion.

Hazing or any act of physical violence as part thereof, done on or off campus, is not allowed in all accredited or authorized student organizations. The officers of the organization shall be considered guilty as the member of the organization directly involve in the hazing, or act of physical violence. The element of conspiracy shall be presumed and the same penalty of dismissal or expulsion on those who directly inflict the hazing or violence shall be meted out to all.

Morning Offering

O Jesus, thru the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I offer you my prayers works, joys and sufferings of this day. In union with the Holy sacrifice of the Mass throughout the world. I offer them for the intensions of your Sacred Heart, the salvation of souls the reparations for sins and the reunion of all Christians. I offer them for the intentions of our Bishops and all members of the Apostleship of Prayer and in particular for the intentions of the Holy Father for this month. Amen.

Novena Prayer to the sacred heart of Jesus

Divine Jesus, / You have said, /”Ask, and you shall receive;/seek, and you shall find;/knock, and it shall be opened unto you, “/behold me standing at your feet/filled with a lively faith and confidence/in the promises dictated by You Sacred Heart/and pronounced by Your adorable lips./I come to ask this favor:/(Here silently mention your petitions. )

To whom can I turn if not to You/whose Heart is the source of all graces and merits?/ Where should I seek if not the treasure/which contains all the riches of Your Kindness and mercy? / Where must I knock  if not at the door through which God gives himself to us/and through which we go to God? / I have recourse to You, Heart of Jesus./In you I find consolation when afflicted,/protection when persecuted,/Strength when  burdened with trials, and light in doubt and darkness.

Dear Jesus, /I firmly believe/that You can grant me the grace I implore even though it should require a miracle./You have only to will it, / and my prayer will be granted/I admit that I am unworthy of Your favors,/ but this is not a reason for me to be discouraged./You are the God of mercy/ and Your kind Heart will find in my miseries and weakness/a reason for granting my prayer.

O Sacred Hear of Jesus, /whatever may be Your decision  with regards to my request, / I will never stop adoring, loving, praising, and serving You. My Jesus, /be pleased to accept my act of perfect resignation/to the decrees of your adorable Heart/which I sincerely desire may be fulfilled in and by me and all Your creatures forever.

Sacred Heart of Jesus/ I know that there is but one thing impossible to you: / to be without pity for those who are suffering or in distress./Look upon me,/ I beg of You, dear Jesus,/ and grant me the grace for which I humbly implore You/through the Immaculate Heart of Your most sorrowful Mother./ You have entrusted me to her as her child,/and her prayers are all-powerful with You. Amen.


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