B.S. in Tourism Management


The College of Business Adminsitration is the region's finest center of
learning on business education, combining tradition and innovation in the
teaching of relevant course.


To produce competent, highly trained and credible leaders capable of assuming
significant leadership responsibilities in the corporate world.


The College of Business Administration produces competent and well-rounded
individuals who are prepared for the rigors of leadership and the demands of
contemporary business and technology.


1. Prepare students for business leadership through a dynamic program of
    classroom activities and executive skills training;
2. Train students to be mentally and emotionally prepared to meet the challenges
    of today's changing business realities.
3. Promote entrepreneurial awareness and spirit to generate business for the
    community; and
4. Help students develop technical, analytical and interpersonal skills to realize
    their potential to become leaders in a global economy.


The Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management Program develops the theoritical
foundations and applied skills of students enabling them to secure entry-level positions
geared towards leadership, managerial and entrepreneurial roles in the tourism industry.


1. Train students to have a complete understanding of important tourism industry
    terminologies, acronyms, and concepts that they can use and apply in appropriate
    industry contexts;
2. Establish industry and government linkages that will help improve qualifications of
    tourism Management students;
3. Produce competent graduates with values, attitudes, and behaviors that reflect cultural
    sensitivity, professional ethics, and social responsibility required in the tourism industry
    environment; and
4. Prepare students for teaching careers and/or graduate studies in Tourism Management.


BS in Tourism Management graduates are prepared for management and leadership careers
in the tourism industry.

Entry level positions are as follow:

* Travel Account Representative
* Tour Coordinator
* Local Tourism Officer
* Airline Flight Attendant
* Tour Escort
* Staff of the Department of Tourism and other tourism oriented institutions

Advanced office positions are the following:

* Office Manager
* Owner of tourism enterprise
* Tourism consultant/adviser
* Office Manager of Government offices related tourism
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