President's Message

A World Class GNC

When I first walked through the campus of Guagua National Colleges, I was struck by the enormous task that clearly had to be done to attain the objectives of EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION and WORLD CLASS STANDARDS.

And yet, these are the objectives that those who came before me have established for the school.  These are always among the words you see emblazoned on GNC banners.  I happen to agree with these objectives.  I take them seriously, and fully intend to achieve them -- and more -- during my watch.  I urge all my colleagues at GNC to help in this quest.  Alone I can do little, no matter how enthusiastic I am.  It will require much more than desire, no matter how avid, to get things done. We need to reestablish GNC as a leading institution of learning in the province of Pampanga.  We must, first of all, achieve university status, not only for the recognition  this  status confers  but  also  to

stress our obligations to the community and to the country. To obtain this status, we must, among other requirements, improve our facilities and faculty.  We will, for example, embrace Information Technology as the wave of the future and make it the focal point of our future endeavors.

We will also set up new sports facilities, in order to inculcate in our studentry the virtue of a sound mind in a sound body.  Here we will dare to dream.  Our sports development program will be nothing less than the blueprint for a new and truly world class GNC athlete.

But we will never forget that GNC started as a parochial school and that our Faith is fundamental to our approach to education.  We shall never be embarrassed about our Faith but neither shall we be excessively militant about it.  Still, we are a Catholic school and the values and beliefs we hold close to our hearts shall be strengthened in our students.

This is our vision for GNC.  We must steel ourselves for the challenges that certainly will lie ahead.  Our fervent hope is that all graduates of GNC will be able to give indisputable evidence of their worth whatever they choose to become in later life.  Our dream for GNC is that it take its place alognside all educational institutions of the world and, thus, do their country and people proud.

It will be a long and arduous, but fruitful, journey.  I hope you will all join me.  I look forward to your trust, your support and most importantly, your prayers!

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